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I started my working life as a stone mason in the North of Scotland. I then moved to London where i worked as a Bricklayer in between attending college. I have worked all over the UK and in Germany after the fall of the wall (not my fault). I been involved in many interesting projects in my time including

Buckingham Palace
Canary Wharf
Victoria and Albert museum
Royal Opera House
Imperial War Museum
Church Wall in Offord Darcy

I have experience in conservation work using traditional material such as lime mortar and imperial bricks. I am also experienced in using reclaimed materials, modern brickwork and blocks, including thin joint technology.




I have vast experience in groundwork having worked on some deep excavations in London. I have worked with piling contractors and have experience of ring beams and rafts. I do all types of drainage including foul drain (mains and treatment units), surface water drainage and land drains. I also do hard landscaping including all types of slab and pavers.




I have been involved in many projects involving the use of structural elements from simple beams to complicated roof structures.I did an engineering and an advanced engineering course as part of my honours degree and also created a composite timber beam for which I received an award from the Institute of Wood Science. I therefore have a good understanding of the theory as well as the practical aspects of making your building stand the test of time.I like if possible to look at a job with the customer and discuss the structural elements before the engineer gets involved.I feel then that I have given the customer the best possible advice on what is possible and the engineer can be instructed with the clients wishes in mind.





My name is Chris. I have a honours degree from Brunel University and a masters degree from University of Westminster. I have vast experience in building and I really enjoy my job. For me it is a lifestyle choice rather than simply a means to make a living. I have been involved in many projects in my time in the trade and have vast experience in groundworks and all sorts of structural work. My skills include hard landscaping, bricklaying, roof structures and all structural steel and timber work.
Projects include:
Old bailey
Domestic extensions
Office refurbishments
Office building

project management


If you don't have time or are not confident that you can manage your project yourself then I would be delighted to offer you a project management service. Architects and designers do offer these services, however, on smaller projects they cannot always give the .......the time it deserves. The advantage of a hands on project manager it that he understands the project and can achieve exactly the criteria that you set out. What may be seen as small decisions on paper can in reality have far reaching effects for the ongoing project. The advantages of having someone on site who understands the whole project are huge. Being hands on enables the management fee to be supplemented by production and hence the fee can be kept to a minimum while the service is considerably better than someone who is in an office ten miles away could ever supply. You get quick problem solving decisions without the endless phone calls or work stopping for the rest of the day.

Block and beam floor in a large extension.

breakthrough in small extension.

Vaulted ceiling in diningroom extension